Australian citizenship is an important step in your migration journey. Through becoming an Australian citizen, you are making a commitment to Australia and Australian values. You are becoming a formal member of the most successful multicultural nation and declaring that you are Australian.

Applying for Australian Citizenship is a complex and involved process. Initially you will have to be assessed to see if you meet the eligibility and residence requirements. You will then need to prepare to take the Australian Citizenship Test and/or interview. Your application with supporting documents is then prepared and submitted. After this, you will attend a Citizenship interview and then take the Australian Citizenship Test. If your Australian Citizenship application is successful, you will then attend an Australian Citizenship Ceremony with your community.

How Carol Shipway Migration Services Can Assist You

On 20 April 2017, there were major changes announced to Australian citizenship. This has meant that there is uncertainty for many who were preparing to apply for citizenship but who had not yet lodged their application. It will also mean that the plans of people who have recently gained Permanent Residency will also change.

Our team has assisted many people gain Australian citizenship in the past and are keeping up to date with the laws of policy. We understand the Australian Citizenship process and can assist you throughout the entire process.

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