AAT Appeals

If your business nomination or sponsorship, partner sponsorship, Australian visa, or citizenship has been refused, or your sponsorship or visa is cancelled, you may be able to seek review of this decision with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

This can be a very complex process and it can be a very lengthy process. It involves lodging applications and submissions, corresponding with the AAT and attending hearings.

The function of the AAT is to look at the facts, law, and policy of the matter before them so that they can arrive at a decision that is legally correct of preferable. The AAT is able to affirm a decision, vary a decision, set aside a decision and make a new decision, or remit the decision back to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to remake the decision.

How Carol Shipway Migration Services Can Assist You

Our team has been assisting clients with review at the AAT, with our Principal Carol Shipway advocating on behalf of clients in all different kinds of matters. Our team can help you with your AAT matter going from the initial assessment for eligibility for review, through the preparing and lodging AAT review applications and providing additional submissions and evidence. We then assist at the AAT hearing and providing any additional submissions and evidence. We correspond with the AAT until the matter is finalised. Then assist our clients in the applicable processes following the AAT decision.

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