Australian Partner Visa


Immigrants who are married to, engaged to, have a family with, or living in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, can be sponsored by their partner for an Australian Partner visa. Carol Shipway Migration Services is aware that there are many hurdles in the process of having your partner visa approved, and we can ease this process for you.

There are many different partner, parent, family, and child visa options that are usually a staged process. This means that it can be more than 2 years between the initial consultation and gaining a permanent visa. Our Cairns based immigration consultants can help your family begin a new life in Australia, wherever you are located.

Partner Visa Options 

There are different partner visa options for people planning to live in Cairns or Brisbane or anywhere in Australia depending on your relationship with your partner. There is a Prospective Marriage visa for couples who are in a relationship and plan to marry but have not lived together. This visa is a temporary visa that allows the visa holder to come to Australia and marry their partner within 9 months.

If you have been with your partner for a substantial period of time, whether married or in a de facto relationship, there is a Partner Visa that is assessed in two stages. The first stage is a provisional visa and the second stage which is assessed after 2 years is for a permanent visa for permanent residence. 

Family Migration

There are also various other visas for children, including Child Visas, Adopted Child Visas, and Orphan Relative Visas that allow your children entry into Australia.

For other family members, there are visas such as the Parent Visa, Aged Dependent Relative Visa, Carer Visa, Remaining Relative Visa, and Contributory Parent Visa. A new visa for Parents is the Temporary Parent (870) visa. 

Partner visas and Family Migration visas are quite complex. It is important that your individual circumstances are assessed so that the correct visa pathway is selected and a strong application is lodged on your behalf.

How Carol Shipway Migration Services Can Assist You

Carol Shipway Migration Services have extensive experience in advising and assisting clients to bring their partners and family members to live with them in Australia. It is important that the best migration pathway is selected so that your partner and family applications are the strongest and meet the relevant criteria.

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